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"Hi JK,


I got your samples and all I can say is wow... really wonderful. You are a master blender!


Of course the Phoenix is my Fav! Deep, earthy, green to open that has that addictive oud-y dry down going on. I also found Frontier to be very unique, warm, and appealing. "More Beauty than Beast" is just that, has a shadowy floral strangeness, sweetly intoxicating. "Sunshine" makes me smile. Need more time to experience them all properly!


You restore my faith in Natural Perfumery!"


- Katlyn, Mermaide Magickal Arts

" Loved how you related perfuming to cooking (in Aromatic Artistry)- really makes it less intimidating. Also very interesting how you use scent with your TCM clients, as I would love to use with clients in my practice. 


The history of perfuming is so fascinating! Feel like I just fell into a really incredible line of alchemists (YOU!)!"


- Brittney J.

"Your life will never EVER be the same after smelling real Ambergris! I had the honor and pleasure to spend some time with the one and only JK, and the afternoon just evaporated in a cloud of amazing scents...I had never smelled any animalics before and loved all of them... but my absolute favorite was indeed Ambergris!"


- Tiziana T

"Finally was able to listen to the 6th part of the course (Aromatic Artistry)- what a great class! Thanks, JK, really interesting and inspiring. It makes you want to jump right into the game of perfume making ;)!"


- Anait M.

"For some reason the Dude Lebowski is reminding me of you. The Dude is simply awesome."

-Fragrantica Co-founder Zoran Knezevic

"Wow JK is the BEST!!! I was able to spend some time with him today and I am so grateful. Lots to learn and "breathing" through his perfume scents is heavenly. Thanks again!"


-Carolyn S.

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