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Not ready to invest in a full bottle? We understand. Which is why we offer samples of each of our products. These samples may seem small in comparison to the industry standard, but let's take a closer look at our products.


Our 4mL vials are composed as Parfum Extraits. Only a single drop is needed for a wear, and our style of compounding has tested and shown that this style of compounding and application actually lasts the average owner of a bottle of our perfumes longer than a 100mL "spritz" bottle of French-style (alcohol-based) perfume. 

There are NO aroma-chemicals used in our fragrances. All of the materials are 100% Natural. We acquire materials from all over the world. Natural materials tend to cost more (quite a bit more), and are difficult to come by in smaller lots. For this reason, there is a tremendous amount of money that goes in to acquiring materials. 

We also do our best to support small, artisan-extracted operations around the Globe. These materials tend to be of superior quality, and also cost more per unit than commercially produced, or even non-perfume grade-materials. Only about 3% of the perfumery materials produced world-wide are of Perfume Grade (meaning Superior in every aspect of qualification).

So what is in our products?

The Notes that you see presented do not encompass the entire formulation. It is not uncommon to use 6-15 Distillations of a single material like Lavender-different Hydrodistillations, different Solvent Extractions (Absolutes, CO2, Alcohol extractions, and the list goes on).


The orchestration of our formulations require multiple steps of compounding, natural ingredients that may not be listed (as listing Black Pepper, for example, may lead a consumer to thinking the fragrance might have a Spicy Note when really it is there simply to draw out the "flavor" of a particular Note or overall fragrance).

Furthermore, months and months, sometimes even years, various Accords and other hand-compounded materials spend sitting and maturing on a shelf, awaiting their maturation to the point that they are ready for integration into a formula. 

Oftentimes, various Accords are even compounded, which may include anywhere from 3-100 ingredients, simply to create a particular Note. Oftentimes, these Notes  may simply be listed as "Fig" or "Jasmine". The specific listing may not necessarily notate that it is (or is not) an individual ingredient, or a Compound Accord. 


We pride ourselves on being Master Perfumer's and enjoy blending the mysteries of the natural world. Join us in exploring these exotic fragrances that transcend modern perfumery.


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