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“A rich, delicious, musky Gourmand Oriental”

In Italian, Preda mean "Hunt" or "Booty"--as in, "on the Hunt for". In conceptualizing this perfume, I captured the fragrance of a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing; meek at first glance--but underneath the wool...

Nothing is more fun than playing a trick on your prey...letting them THINK that it is YOU that is the one being Preda'ed!


  • An Oriental Perfume, intended to be worn by either sex.

    The Classical Oriental structure is based upon Vanilla—with the additions of Gums, Resins, Patchouli, Orris, Tonka Bean, Heliotrope, and Sandalwood. Orientals are considered to be the most sensual and voluptuous harmony to exist within Modern Perfumery—and also has the softest and silkiest odor.

    There are traditionally 4 Family Subdivisions of Orientals:

    •Floral Woody Orientals: Smells Warm, Sweet, and Soft
    •Floral Spicy Orientals: Smells Sweet, Spicy, and Soft
    •Soft Orientals: Texturally Ultra Soft and often quite Powdery
    •Semi-Oriental: Lacking the Depth of many Orientals—Smelling Sweeter, Less Rich and Less Soft

    Prada’s structure is unusual, as it falls into a Gourmand category, and I’ve replaced Patchouli as the central theme rather than Vanilla--with notes of:

    Top Notes:
    Combava Petitgrain
    Yellow Mandarin

    Heart Notes:
    Rose de Mai
    Jasmines sambac and grand

    Base Notes:
    Indian Santalum album
    And a honking dose of Vintage Oak-aged Patchouli

    Although our natural perfumes contain ingredients that are mostly GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe)--this fragrance contains “Outlaw Materials”—natural constituents that may cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity in certain individuals.

    **Please discontinue direct contact with skin if this should happen. As an alternative, this natural perfume can be enjoyed the old-fashioned way; on hankies, gloves, watch bands, calling cards (even business cards) or stationary. It can also be applied to the hair, which will extend its longevity.

    If you have no sensitivities, wear your perfume on your pulse points on the wrist or neck, on the collarbone, or on the front side of the ear lobes. I often enjoy adding it to the string of the button of my shirt, or underneath the front corner of the color (underneath, to avoid staining).
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