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“An incredibly rich Floral Fougere for Men”

Phoenix Fougere

  • The Fougere Fragrance Family is the only Family that is reserved for masculine perfumery.

    As a style, it is similar to a Chypré—but is usually more aromatic.

    It’s origins lie in Fougere Royale by Houbigant (1881/82 ) and Jicky by Guerlain (1889), the two perfumes considered to be the origins of Modern Perfumery, itself.

    Fougeres were the first Fragrance Family of Modern Perfumery, and this Accord gave rise to both the Chypré and Oriental styles.

    It is so closely related to the Chypré that some refer to it as an extension of that family of Accords—despite being their forefather. Similarities aside—the Fougere’s pronounced Lavender and Geranium facets give it quite a different olfactory feel.

    A Classic Fougere’s structure is based upon Lavender, Oakmoss, Tonka Bean, Bergamot, Vetiver, and Geranium. Fougeres are considered to be one of the freshest and most aromatic Accords to exist within Modern Perfumery.

    Our Phoenix Fougere is built upon this classical structure, and contains nearly 25 natural materials, including:

    Top Notes:

    Variety of Citri
    French Clary Sage

    Heart Notes:

    Orange Blossom
    Jasmines sambac and grand
    Lavenders Maillette and Seville
    Egyptian Geranium

    Base Notes:

    Tonka Bean
    French Hay
    Haitian Vetiver
    Vintage Oak-aged Patchouli
    Indian Santalum album
    Indonesian Santalum album

    Although our natural perfumes contain ingredients that are mostly GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe)--this fragrance contains “Outlaw Materials”—natural constituents that may cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity in certain individuals.

    **Please discontinue direct contact with skin if this should happen. As an alternative, this natural perfume can be enjoyed the old-fashioned way; on hankies, gloves, watch bands, calling cards (even business cards) or stationary. It can also be applied to the hair, which will extend its longevity.
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