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“Silky Smooth Masculinity”

Testament that less really is more.

Smooth, green, broccaded silk.

Smells as delicious on a woman as it does incredible on a man.

Green Velvet

  • Top Notes:

    Kaffir Lime Leaf


    Base Notes:

    Various Sandalwoods
    Haitian Vetiver

    Although our natural perfumes contain ingredients that are mostly GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe)--this fragrance contains “Outlaw Materials”—natural constituents that may cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity in certain individuals.

    **Please discontinue direct contact with skin if this should happen. As an alternative, this natural perfume can be enjoyed the old-fashioned way; on hankies, gloves, watch bands, calling cards (even business cards) or stationary. It can also be applied to the hair, which will extend its longevity.

    If you have no sensitivities, wear your perfume on your pulse points on the wrist or neck, on the collarbone, or on the front side of the ear lobes. I often enjoy adding it to the string of the button of my shirt, or underneath the front corner of the collar (underneath, to avoid staining).

    If you are pregnant or nursing a newborn please consider refraining from fragrance use.

    Please store in a cool, dark and dry place so that the delicate extractions do not degrade. Remember, there are no preservatives, fixatives or extenders added to any of my perfumes.

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