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Limited Edition Fragrances

P'Eau Sud, "Southern Skin" pictured with a vintage bottle of P'eau d'Espagne


Special Limited Edition of 5mL EdP.


We owe thanks to the making of this limited edition to John Reasinger, Senior Editor and Natural Perfume Editor, over at CaFleureBon


I have had this old recipe for P’eau d’Espagne paste from the 17th century, and have done some research on the fragrance tradition that arose out of the fragranced letters/leathers of the past few centuries.


Having grown up in the South, with scents of Jasmine and Magnolia, campfire smoke, and classy perfumed Southern Belles in every breath…I have been wanting to make a P’eau Sud, a “Southern Skin” EdP, as a memento to those memories.


John has had a few ideas for interesting articles, and while talking about some of his ideas, I pitched this idea I had, and…here we are!


From the Rising Phoenix Perfumery to you, we wish you a fragrant journey. Enjoy...

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