The Brothers DeLapp: About Us

JK DeLapp "Marco Polo/Willy Wonka"

Kyle DeLapp "Henry Ford"

At a young age, Mamma D' began JK's training in the kitchen. SInce the age of 10 or so, he's been learning about and experimenting with herbas and the Culinary Arts.


His freshman year in college, he started and operated a catering company- his first entrepreneurial venture- which helped pay his way through school. His last year in college he spent studying in Southern France. After finsihing, he spent time working in Paris and later some time working in Prague. While abroad, he took the opportunity to begin training his tongue for win. It was there that he first began to really understand terms such as terroire, dry, tannic, and acidic; concepts he would later find connections with.


JK also learned that there is much more of a depth and quality of perception than is experienced by the average American. This was a Big Thing. After returning from abroad, JK spend several years working in Film and Television, as well as side projects working in Food and Agriculture. Strange, we know- but to JK- it all ties together. In Life, one's Path rarely runs in straight lines.


In 2007, JK began to get more acquainted with Chinese Medicine at home in Atlanta. In 2008, he moved across the country to begin his formal studies at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. When asked "How on earth did you get into Chinese Medicine?", JK simply replies, "It got into me."


Already a hobbyist perfumer, it was during his time in Med School that his home perfume making began being influenced by his formal education in Chinese Medical Herbology. It came naturally and just smelled so darn good.


Strang as it may seem from the Outside, Food, Herbs, Medicine, and Natural Perfumery materials are simply "Different Forms of the Same Stuff." To JK, that opens an entire world of possibility!

Their Family History

JK and Kyle DeLapp grew up in Roswell, Georgia. They have a sister, Ashley, who works in Television and their mother and father work in the granite and optical industries. 

They come from a line of successful entrepreneurs and visionaries. Their grandfather, Joe DeLapp Sr., was a big player in the confection industry. He is credited with the invention of the bite-sized candy bar while working as a senior executive for Mars Inc, and the merging of Hershy's and Cadbury's while working as a senior executive for The Hershey Food Corporation. He is an inductee in the Candy Hall of Fame.


Their father, Joe DeLapp II, is also a bit of an unknown household name. His product marketing in the 80's as teh VP of Sales and Marketing for Johnson & Johnson. Products like Q-Tips, Reach Tooth Brush, Act Mouth Wash, and Huggies Baby Diapers. His work from the 90's forward has been in the Optical Industry, and any Optometrish or Fashion Designer would be well familiar with the work he has done on a global scale.

Like his older brother, Kyle spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen under the careful tutelage of Mamma D'. To the young mind, food was an avenue of exploration with virtually infinite combinations and compositions.


It was in middle school when Kyle's passion for mathematics and logical order started to form. He aptly remembers Mamma D' teaching him the basics through baseball statistics. As Kyle came into high school, he became interested in the famous question of "What's Out There?" and developed a keen interest in Astronomy, Astrophysics, and the strangely captivating inverse of the metaphysical.


Eventually, after exploring many avenues, including Astronomy, Kyle attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and primarily studied Finance. However, following his curious mind, he also studied a variety of other areas including Astronomy, Philosophy, and Anthropology.


During college, Kyle was fortunate enough to serve as the Vice President for his Fraternity and study abroad in Lancaster, England. It was in England and the subsequent countries he traveled to that Kyle started to envision the Big Picture and see the connections and intricacies of how everything is connected. It was those revelations that led him into Finance and Economics.


After he graduated from CU Boulder, Kyle took his business lessons from school and his Father, Joe DeLapp, and worked with Apple before starting his own consulting business. He currently serves as a financial and business consultant in a variety of capacities. He also serves as the Alumni Board Treasurer for the University of Colorado Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapter. Kyle is also an avid bonsai collector and enjoys and appreciates the art form.


Because of his experiences overseas in regards to food, wine, and culture, when JK pitched his idea of The Rising Phoenix Group, Kyle saw an opportunity to expand his horizons and do something great for our society.